Runabout 755

Runabout 755

A new generation of boats is set to stamp its mark on the world of pleasure boating for years to come. The 755 Runabout is the latest innovation from Jeanneau, benefiting not only from sleek Italian styling but also a number of different qualities. The emphasis is on its aesthetics, as well as its levels of comfort and performance, which will all perfectly match your chosen lifestyle.

Características principales

Motorizaciones posibles

420 cv max


Eslora total 7.85 m / 25'9"
Eslora de casco 7.77 m / 25'6"
Calado GTE 0.57 m / 1'10"
Peso 1600 kg / 3527 Lbs
Capacidad de carburante 280 l / 74 US gal
Capacidad de agua 56 l / 15 US gal
Motorizaciones posibles 420 cv max