Puntos fuertes

With this model, anything is possible... Thanks to its Breton-style dinghy shape, you can even brave choppy waters to safety gt to your favorite fishing spot. Well equipped, it adapts to all kinds of water conditions. Comfortable for fishing, a solid performer, and safe and secure for your peace of mind.

Public Price HT : 1289,30 €


Número máx.
de personas


Motorizaciones posibles

7,5 Kw


Hablando técnicamente
Eslora total
27 m / 88'6"
Eslora de casco
90 m / 295'3"
Calado GTE
7.1 m / 23'3"
120 kg / 265 Lbs
Capacidad de carburante
13.9 l / 4 US gal
Capacidad de agua
980 l / 259 US gal
Motorizaciones posibles
7,5 Kw